Winter Medicine Cabinet Amnesty – make sure your cold medicines are up to date

The cold and flu season is now well and truly upon us but new research reveals that many of us are harbouring bad habits when it comes to storing and using our medicines, which could mean that we don’t get the best from our medicines when it matters most.

With the weather becoming increasingly cold and damp, the number of respiratory illnesses doing the rounds increases significantly. It’s important to ensure that you are fully prepared and have appropriate medications for the winter season to hand, such as paracetamol, throat lozenges and cough medicine.

The research from Panadol Advance reveals that just over one in five Brits only clear out their medicine cabinet once every five years or less – are you one of them? Or are you one of the 20% of Brits who admit to using medicines that are past their use by date, despite the fact that they could be less effective and there is no guarantee that they are still safe?

Join the call for Brits to cough up their out of date medicines in a national Medicine Cabinet Amnesty – find out the everyday medicines that you should keep handy during the winter months by watching our live WebTV clinic with leading headache specialist and former GP Dr Andrew Dowson and Fiona Joyce from Panadol’s Panel of mums.

Dr Andrew Dowson and Fiona Joyce will be on live on Friday 3rd December at 11.00am to discuss winter health. You can submit any questions in advance below. If you miss the show then don’t worry as the show will be available on demand.

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