Workout parties increasing in popularity

The newest trend in fashion parties might come as a surprise because it’s not botox and it’s not champagne, instead it is simply getting a good work out. Body product lines are the next huge thing to hit the beauty industry and people are starting to take note.

It is no surprise that a lot of the ‘miracles’ in the jar that make up the current industry do not work even though people still keep using eye creams and cellulite creams in the hope that they are somehow going to work magic.

Therefore, it is somewhat nice to hear a company tell its consumer base that they will get some results with their products, but to get the most results you have to exercise as well. For example, the new Body Lift Cellulite Control by Clarins lotion is supposed to help get rid of cellulite and to prevent additional cellulite from forming on the body but reps for the company also carefully have stated that the product needs to be used along with a healthy diet and good exercise program in order to be fully effective.

In fact, the application process of the cream can almost turn into a workout the way the company has it figured out.To help promote the new Body Lift Cellulite Control the brand paired up with Barry’ Boot camp that you can watch on the YouTube website of Clarins beginning on April 29th.

It is nice to see a beauty product admitting that their product might not help you get rid of your love handles completely, but still offer you access to the tools that you need to get the results you want.