World’s Most Dynamic New Watch

The Collaboration between Nike and TomTom has created Nike+ Sports Watch, which is powered by GPS provided by Tom Tom. The great new watch gives athletes the chance to enjoy the best motivational and dynamic running experience anywhere in the world. This is due to the watch being beautifully designed and with unique functions. It also connects directly to This is the leading community of runners in the world with nearly 4m members.

The Nike+ Sports Watch has been designed to deliver a high performance, and the easy to read and user friendly interface delivers all the information an athlete could need while running. It can also be personalised to improve self-motivation. These include audio features, run reminders and challenges. The watches are now available both online in store for £179.
The Vice President of Nike digital sport, Stefan Olander, is understandably enthusiastic about the  Nike+ Sports Watch. He said that the watch was an item which would ‘change the game’ and it shows Nike’s continuing commitment to provide runners with the tools to motivate them to improvement.

Corinne Vigreux, M.D of Tom Tom consumer is equally enthusiastic. She said that moving into the fast growing sport and fitness market is part of Tom Tom’s long term strategy. She added that combining the strengths of two major companies could only result in quality products being delivered to athletes. It is certainly a different route for Tom Tom to take, who was regarded as the leading provider of navigational products in the world.

On-Watch Experience

The Nike+ SportsWatch GPS is designed to be simple and intuitive with only three buttons and a Tap Screen for navigation. During the run, the new Nike+ SportWatch GPS captures location information while showing runners their time, distance, pace, and calories burned on an easy-to-read screen featuring a customizable layout. Throughout the run, the GPS receiver works in tandem with the shoe-based Nike+ Sensor to deliver highly accurate pace and distance data.

On-watch features include:
o        Tap Screen for setting laps and activating backlight
o   Run History with data from past runs
o   Personal Records including those imported from
o    Quick Start with optional shoe-based Nike+ Sensor
o      Heart Rate Monitor compatibility

Some of the unique motivating factors the Nike+ SportWatch GPS offer runners on-screen include:
o        Recognition (or “Attaboys”) for personal records
o       Run Reminders that appear after five days if a run has not been logged
o Post-run acknowledgement and encouragement

Post-Run Experience
The Nike+ SportWatch GPS plugs neatly into any USB port on a Mac or PC, then immediately launches the Nike+ Connect interface which automatically transfers information