Xtreme Boot Camps Hardest Weekend Of Fun You’ll Ever Have

During the weekend, the first residential course that is run by Xtreme Boot Camps- military fitness specialists was held at the Kingham School in Oxfordshire.
The participants took part in a challenging programme that lasted two days. Both serving and ex-military personnel who used their knowledge and fitness to challenge any person to the ultimate test of toughness ran the programme.
The weekend began with a personal fitness evaluation Friday afternoon before guests were woken on Saturday at 5.45am to face the first tough cross-country 5k run. The rest of the weekend involved circuit training, swimming, educational talks on nutrition and lifestyle, and team bonding exercises, all methods used to build mental and physical stamina in the armed forces.
“Everything about the weekend is authentic, right down to the ex-military chef creating the right nutritionally-balanced meals to keep energy levels up,” says Zoe Evans, co-founder of Xtreme Boot Camps.
“These boot camps are run at a serious level. Over the two days you can expect to burn up 6000 calories and stretch yourself like never before. When you leave you’ll know you’ve confronted the same obstacles as an active, serving solider. 
“We believe in long-term overall fitness, which is why we include healthy living and eating sessions at our boot camps. You need to be able to perform at your optimum level, so we make sure our guests eat wholesome and nutritious food throughout. It’s something else that sets us apart from other boot camps out there.”
James Clay, a marketing manager from Cheltenham, agrees. 
“This was like nothing I’ve ever tried before. I’ve done boot camp training before, but time with Xtreme Boot Camps is a full-on affair and the instructors really do know their stuff,” he says. 
Rachel Spencer, a sports journalist, adds: “Xtreme Boot Camps does just what is says on the tin. It’s full-on and much more gruelling than your usual weight-loss camp. The instructors are tough and push you to the limits, but you will leave with plenty of cuts and bruises and a sense of achievement that will have you buzzing for days afterwards.”
Xtreme Boot Camps is holding its next Kingham residential weekend from 14th to 16th March and at a new venue, the Farncombe Estate in the North Cotswolds, from 4th to 6th April. 
If you think you’re up to the challenge you can book your place now by visiting www.xtremebootcamps.com,.