Yoga can help an irregular heartbeat

According to a new study conducted by the American Heart Association regular yoga may actually help manage the symptoms of an irregular heart beat for some people. At the same time that it is helping with their physical condition, yoga may also help improve their mindset.

Millions of people suffer from atrial fibrillation or AF which is a condition when the upper chambers of the heart quiver with no rhythm instead of normally contracting. People that suffer from AF are often put on drugs like beta blockers to control the rhythm of the heart and their heart rate.

However, researchers have found that some patients are not helped by these medicines and still suffer from some of the symptoms. In these cases, choosing to add something like yoga to the routine can be helpful.

Physical therapy researcher, W. Todd Cade, stated that yoga might be something doctors should consider when they treat people that suffer from atrial fibrillation. Of course, like anything else a patient should always talk to their doctor before starting treatment to make sure that it is the right choice for them. Cade also added that there are a lot of positive benefits to yoga and there are not that many negatives.

The study took a look at 49 people that have had AF for at least five years. As part of the study researchers looked at the participants heart symptoms, heart rate, and blood pressure while also measuring their quality of life, anxiety, and depression.

During the second part of the study the participants were sent to yoga classes twice a week for three months and the same items were measured. Overall the amount of times that patients felt their heart quivering dropped by almost four times and the average heart rate fell as well.