Yoga can make you look years younger

Wayne Leal is 55, but he does not look a day over thirty. His top secret work-out regime is simple: yoga. Most men are not strong advocates of yoga as it is seen as more feminine workout, but Leal has come up with a trademarked 20:21 which is twenty minute of yoga designed for 21 days to help improve any gym session.

Leal explains that men have this solid belief that yoga is just for women, but if they knew that it was created originally by men then they might feel better about doing it. He added that if they only knew how much focus, discipline, and strength is actually involved in yoga then they would realize that there is actually a lot to gain from a yoga programme.

In order to get more men interested in yoga, Leal has designed the perfect twenty minute workout for any man. Before getting any ideas about how feminine this might be, athletes would do well to try out the DVD because after a few minutes you might have a different idea.

Leal explains that he has had more operations and injuries then he has had holidays and has found that the exercises are a great way to nurse injuries back into health. Apparently he is onto something as he has a very impressive client list that includes Matt Tait and Darren Barker.

Tait explained that he has always liked the idea of yoga because back in the day as a professional boxer he did not stretch enough as part of his regular training. He said that since then he has had 12 operations from a bad car accident he was in. He has found that yoga not only helps to strengthen his body, but also helped with his post traumatic depression caused from the crash.