Yoga has huge benefits

Over and above anything else it is the best way for you to relax, improve our health, well being and our personality and has been for hundreds and hundreds of years. This is done much more by women in the Western world than by men. Originating in India it can at times look as though it may be impossible to do, it is  yoga. There are a number of different levels of yoga and equally as many reasons as why people participate in it. But there definitely is no doubt that it can help.

Yoga originated from several different religions in the area including Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. There are various names for it in several different languages. The tradition no matter in what religion you perform yoga  is to discipline the mind and body and become closer to the god in the particular religion you are practicing in.

Today the activity is in air conditioned gyms and is taught by those from all walks of life. In Thailand for example there are a lot of people that perform yoga either very seriously or in a relaxed manner in order to improve their health.

To call is a lazy person’s yoga would be fair for that are familiar with what they are talking about but that particular phrase should not be overused, because it could make its appearance to be a waste of time or a viable option.

Because yoga is an ancient activity and popular in the East it had been taken up by those in the Western world. The only real difference from the two; yoga and Thai massage is one is done alone while the other (Thai) you need a masseur or masseuse. Of course one is also much harder to perform (yoga) than the other.