YOSO PRO Changes The Face Of Beauty

YOSO today unveils its first product; the YOSO PRO, a new luxury skincare device. Powered by Maxell, this is the first product from the innovative YOSO beauty line to be available in the UK market.

The YOSO PRO is a 3 step deep facial skincare system that uses Ion technology to further enhance cleansing and moisturising. This powerful and effective device is aimed at all beauty conscious, contemporary women looking to boost the effectiveness of their skincare routine in a natural, simple and reliable way.

With this premium beauty device, you can now achieve a much loved salon experience in the comfort of your own home – ideal for the busy woman. The YOSO PRO’s Ion technology works in conjunction with cleansers, moisturisers, serums and sheet masks to increase their effectiveness – cleansing and evening out the skin tone to deliver radiant skin. This means you can maintain your current skincare regime, and continue to use your trusted cream or lotion along with the YOSO PRO for a perfect result.

The YOSO PRO works as a deep cleansing system, designed to cater to most skin types. As part of a maximum 15-minute skincare routine, using the YOSO PRO will leave your skin feeling smoother as well as looking fresher than ever before. The YOSO PRO’s moisturising and boosting modes will also help those who develop early signs of wrinkles and ageing.

Ion technology, is a process that has been used in both medicine and beauty salons for decades, the YOSO PRO now brings this technology to consumers to enjoy and use in the comfort of their own home. Working together with your body’s natural Ions, the YOSO PRO harnesses the positive or negative charged particles to either extract built up daily dirt, or penetrate lotions, creams or serums deeper into your pores; thoroughly cleansing and hydrating skin for a beautiful, youthful appearance.

The YOSO PRO works in three simple modes to give you radiant skin:

Cleanse: Uses the positive charged electrodes to draw out the negatively charged dirt from deep within the pores, for the cleanest skin possible.
Moisturise: The power of negative charged electrodes enables your regular moisturiser to penetrate into the protective epidermis layer to increase moisture absorption and smoother skin.
Boost: Using fine vibrations and a gentle switching of positive and negative electrodes, the Boost function further enhances moisture absorption and retention, for a natural radiant glow.

The smooth titanium head of the YOSO PRO adds a gentle, vibrating facial massage sensation in each mode. The different modes can be used individually for up to five minutes, or as a complete 3 step skincare treatment. In the Cleanse mode, cleanser or toner can be applied to a cotton pad over the titanium head to extract dirt from the pores. When using the Moisturise mode, the YOSO PRO’s non-abrasive surface allows the light moisturiser, cream or serum to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin. The last Boost mode may be used with a moisturiser or a sheet mask to give skin a youthful salon fresh look.

The YOSO PRO is the first of a whole range of YOSO products coming soon from Maxell. Incorporating the YOSO PRO treatment into the daily routine, users will quickly be able to see an improvement in their skin; ‘Changing the Face Of Beauty’.


The YOSO PRO is available at Amazon.co.uk for £150.00 including VAT