You can be Bikini Body Ready this summer

Get Bikini Body Ready with Purifyne Juice Detox

Now that spring is here officially you can start planning for all the fun events that comes with summer including cocktail receptions, beach holidays, and summer holidays. Of course, some of your planning probably includes getting your body into bikini worthy shape which is easy with the help of Purifyne Juice Detox.

Roos van Montfort, the Dutch fashion model, is an avid supporter of the Purifyne Juice Cleanse as she believes it helps her remain healthy and beautiful. In a recent interview with Buff Beauty Blog she gave away even more tips for those who want to stay fit and beautiful.

Buff Beauty Blog: How do you keep fit?

Roos: Every few months, when I’ve been busy with work and travels, I do a little detox. I love Purifyne – their service is amazing!

Purifyne Juice Cleanse is an excellent way of achieving a lean and toxins-free body. Freshly-prepared juices act as a natural eliminator of toxins as well as supply vitamins, minerals and nutrients to strengthen one’s health.

The major benefits of Purifyne Juice Cleanse include:

• Weight loss

• Increased energy

• Better weight control

• Increased metabolic rate

• Reduced cellulite and bloating

The duration of the plans vary between one and fourteen days. Prices range from £89.00 to £559.00

To find out more visit the Purifyne website