You can still enjoy a tipple during Alcohol-Free Week 2014

Alcohol-Free Week will start soon and wine and beer makers are hoping that people discover the benefits of trying out alcohol free wine and beer. In January thousands reportedly tried out the dry month challenge, and many had such a great experience being booze free that they are still alcohol free.

For those that were not willing to take the 31 day pledge, they might want to try the sober week that will stretch from March 5th to March 11th.

Alcohol Free Week first began in 2007 and 3was created to help highlight to people that being alcohol free is a great positive and healthy lifestyle choice. Experts have echoed their agreement with the premise stating that it only takes two to three days free of alcohol per week in order to help avoid many of the health risks that are posed by alcohol consumption.

A dedicated website has been set up at offering tips on how alcohol-free beers and wines can help maintain a healthy balance.

De-alcoholised wines have all the heart-health benefits of ordinary wine and alcohol-free beers have been shown to cut cholesterol and cancer risks. 

Some beers also have isotonic properties making them ideal for sports and fitness enthusiasts.

These wines and beers have fewer calories than their alcoholic equivalents and can help those avoiding alcohol to continue to enjoy their favourite drinks and improve their health.

Visitors to also have the chance to win alcohol-free drinks every day during Alcohol-Free Week.

The week is industry-led and backed by leading alcohol-free wine and beer producers, specialist alcohol-free retailers and supported by health professionals and local authorities.

Rock guitarist Peter Hook, who ditched his drugs and booze fueled hell raising with New Order and Joy Division to adopt an alcohol-free lifestyle, supports Alcohol-Free Week

He said: “Alcohol-free drinks have helped me stay sane and sober! I now can still enjoy wine and beer with my family and friends and I don’t feel like the odd one out. In fact most of the time they end up drinking mine!”

John Risby, who runs The Alcohol-Free Shop, hopes Alcohol-Free Week will help people strike a healthy balance.

He said: “Since we launched Alcohol-Free Week, interest has grown every year and we were pleased to see major charities follow our lead in January.

“Rather than take a zero-tolerance approach for a month, Alcohol-Free Week is about adopting healthy habits for life. 

“Alcohol-free alternatives can help people to continue to enjoy the health benefits of wine and beer without the harmful effects.”