You really should’ve gone to Specsavers

We all have mishaps from time to time, such as stumbling, or walking into things or making silly mistakes when our minds are elsewhere. If these mishaps, however, give the impression that you are in any way short sighted, then you can expect some wag to shout at you ‘should’ve gone to Specsavers’. This company has grown into one of the leading ophthalmology companies in the UK and have done more to get visually impaired people to make appointments for eye tests than anyone else.

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Their method is simple but very effective; get a serious message across is a jokey manner that everyone can relate to, everyone can laugh at, and then everyone can think about the actual consequences of what could happen if what is portrayed in the ads happens in real life. The general theme of the ads has been that those who need to be wearing glasses aren’t, and funny things happen to them due to them not being able to see, yet the underlying message is always present.

Take the latest ad for example, set in a vet surgery. We see the vet stroking his patient and calling her Phoebe. He checks her temperature and looks worried, he checks his stethoscope against his own chest to see if it’s working, then starts to panic. He shouts of his Nurse, Karen, that he needs adrenaline and an IV, Karen rushes in and stops. The vet has been examining her fur hat, and Phoebe the cat is still sitting on the table waiting to be examined.

Very well done and will get some laughs, but the message is clear, this is a man in a trusted position who could make possibly fatal mistakes due to not being able to see properly. A quick trip to Specsavers will have fitted up with a pair of glasses or contact lenses as soon as possible, and as they carry the largest range at the best prices, everyone should go to Specsavers.