You will be shocked by Bodyshockers

Katie Piper uncovers the bizarre, shocking and hilarious stories of the nation’s beauty regrets

Brand new 4 x 60 minute series

Launching on Thursday 30th January at 10.00pm on Channel 4


Whether it is multiple piercings, tattoos, enormous hair extensions or stretched ears, its seems that the body modification craze shows no sign of abating. Every week thousands of us are choosing to put ourselves through pain in order to make a style statement and stand out from the crowd. There is, however, a growing number of people who are seriously regretting what they have done to their bodies.

In BODYSHOCKERS, Katie Piper will hear confessions from the Great British public hoping to reverse body modifications they now regret.  Everything from rebellious youth, to drunken bets, to love, body dysmorphia and low self esteem, Katie will hear the real life stories behind shocking body work.

Katie will also meet people about to go ahead with major body modifications.  From extreme piercings to big boobs and extreme tattoos, Katie will bring together the people about to have something done with those full of regret. Can the regretters make those about to go ahead with major work, think twice?

Katie has had more than 200 operations to repair the damage that was done to her face, so is fascinated why people would want to willingly undergo painful procedures to transform their faces and bodies in a way that they may one day regret.

In episode one BODYSHOCKERS: MY TATTOO HELL, Katie meets Grant, who got more than a skinful after one night down the pub. When his younger brother got himself a permanent camel tattoo on his toe, Grant decided one drunken night that he needed to outdo John with a tattoo that took the competition to a whole new level. But now the joke’s on Grant and the obscene tattoo on his eyelid is the biggest regret of his life. Young dad Grant undergoes a painful and highly risky laser removal procedure in a bid to be rid of his major tattoo regret.

Katie also meets 24 year old Merlisa. Brought up by her grandparents she was the perfect little princess, until at 18, she decided to give her grandparents the wake-up call she thought they deserved. Across her chest she got herself a massive and bizarre tattoo. But then life took another turn when she became a mum, and now she feels ashamed and embarrassed every time she picks up her son from the school gates. Merlisa will undergo incredibly painful laser treatment on her tattoo in the hope of finally getting it off her chest.

Katie introduces Merlisa to Dija, a beautiful 19 year old tattoo virgin about to get a lion’s face tattooed across her entire back. Will Merlisa persuade Dija to think before she inks?

Katie also meets Dominic who after just three days together with new flame Stefan got his new lover’s name inked on his neck. He and Stefan broke up three days later. And now the tattooed tribute makes things a bit awkward with new boyfriend Darren.

Katie meets King Body Art – or Matthew, to his mum. He’s a lib dem councillor, a pillar of the community, and is tatooed from head to toe. Over the last seventeen years, Matthew has spent hundreds of hours in the tattooist’s chair at a cost of around twenty thousand pounds. He’s even had his manhood tattooed bright blue in support of his favourite football team, Birmingham City.

Plus Katie meets 68 year old Miriam Hollier, who caused a stir in the 70s when she appeared tattooed and bare breasted on the cover of a top selling album. She’ll discover if Marion has tattoo regrets 40 years on

BODYSHOCKERS: MY TATTOO HELL – 30th January, 10pm, Channel 4

BODYSHOCKERS: MY PIERCING HELL – 6th February, 10pm, Channel 4

BODYSHOCKERS: MY TATTOO HELL – 13th February, 10pm, Channel 4

BODYSHOCKERS: MY BIG BOOB HELL- 20th February, 10pm, Channel 4